Dr. Carlson and staff strives to give you the most thorough and suitable services for your specific needs. This includes not only the physical condition of your eyes and vision, but also your work activities and lifestyle.

Comprehensive Exams - Eye examinations are available for both adults and children. The exam includes checking the overall health of the interior and exterior of the eyes, including glaucoma and cataracts; testing for visual acuity, including refraction; visual fields, visual coordination and focusing ability.

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Contact Lenses – Advancements in technology have made it possible for almost everyone, at any age, to wear contact lenses. Daily wear, extended wear and disposable lenses are available in standard prescriptions, as well as bifocals. All major brands are available including the new Fresh Look Colors!

Eye Glasses - Should your eye exam result in the need for glasses, our office is conveniently located in the For Eyes Optical store. Our experienced staff would be delighted to help you select from literally thousands of affordably priced designer frames. And eyeglass lenses are available with all the latest technology making them impact resistant, thinner, lighter, and UV light protected. Of course, adjustments for your glasses are always available on site at no charge!
Corrective Eye Surgery- Many people think that LASIK is the only kind of refractive surgery, but there are many other types of eye surgeries for improving vision. If you are considering corrective eye surgery, are not sure of the types available or have any questions, Dr. Carlson will be happy to discuss the topic with you.

We currently accept the following insurance plans:

EYEMED (Some BC/BS or Humana Plans)
DAVIS (Some BC/BS Plans)
VSP (out of network)

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